10+ Best Wedding Photographers for Deer Creek Golf Club

Saying “I do” amidst the rolling greens and elegant charm of Deer Creek Golf Club sounds like a dream come true, doesn’t it? But while the venue provides a stunning backdrop, it’s the photographer who’ll capture the emotions, laughter, and magic of your special day. This curated list unveils the 10+ best wedding photographers for Deer Creek Golf Club—talented storytellers who can go beyond the picturesque scenery and capture the raw, beautiful moments that make your wedding unique. 

1. Emblaze Photography

Emblaze Photography, specializing in weddings, events, and commercial photography, brings a fresh, classy style to immortalize life’s best moments. With a passionate team committed to capturing unscripted, natural beauty and chemistry, they infuse each photo with relaxed, genuine emotions. Trust them to go above and beyond in preserving your memories at Deer Creek Golf Club, Toronto Venue.

2. Chelsey Cunningham 

Meet Chelsey Cunningham, the esteemed wedding photographer gracing Deer Creek Golf Club in Toronto. Renowned for her unparalleled skill and unique vision, Chelsey crafts unforgettable moments through her lens. 

3. Photography by AZRA

Photography by AZRA, based in Toronto, Canada, specializes in capturing the essence of love and joy for couples on their wedding day. Through an elevated experience, AZRA expertly tells each couple’s unique love story, ensuring unforgettable memories that last a lifetime.

4. Elfreda Dalby Photography

Elfreda Dalby Photography is a dynamic husband-and-wife duo deeply in love with each other and their craft. With backgrounds in archaeology-geography and psychology, they embarked on a journey around the world, where their passion for photography blossomed.

5. Astora Studio 

Astora Studio, led by Andrew, offers unparalleled wedding photography services at Deer Creek Golf Club in Toronto. With a deep-rooted passion for light and emotion, Andrew brings a unique blend of scientific understanding and artistic vision to every shoot.

6. Ten 2 Ten Photography 

Ten·2·Ten Photography, based in Toronto, offers a refreshing approach to wedding photography at Deer Creek Golf Club. Eschewing traditional norms, they embrace the non-traditional while prioritizing their values in every decision.

7. Avenue Photo

With a knack for storytelling through her lens, Margaret’s work embodies freshness, modernity, and timelessness. She cherishes every moment with her clients, capturing their love with warmth and sincerity.

8. Organic Moments Photography 

Josh and Erica are a dynamic husband and wife photography duo specializing in capturing your unique love story at Deer Creek Golf Club in Toronto. With a passion for documenting emotional moments, they bring creativity and warmth to every shot.

9. Samanta Ong Photography 

This husband and wife team specializes in crafting timeless photographs at Deer Creek Golf Club in Toronto. With a keen eye for detail and a dedication to capturing your unique love story, they offer a personalized, boutique experience to make your wedding day stress-free and unforgettable.

10. Elizabeth Ladean Photography

Originally hailing from North Carolina but now firmly rooted in Kansas City, Elizabeth brings her quirky charm and infectious enthusiasm to capturing your love story at Deer Creek Golf Club in Toronto.

11. Melista Bahler 

@melista.bahler.photography via Instagram.com 

Whether it’s an intimate gathering or a grand celebration, Mel’s approach remains consistent: to serve you and make your wedding journey a bit smoother.


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