10+ Best Wedding Photographers for Royal Ashburn Golf Club

Dreaming of a wedding bathed in natural light, surrounded by rolling greens and manicured gardens? Then the Royal Ashburn Golf Club, a Toronto area gem, could be your happily ever after come true. But to capture the magic of this venue and the joy of your special day, you’ll need a photographer who can turn fleeting moments into timeless memories. This list unveils the 10+ best wedding photographers for Royal Ashburn Golf Club, ready to translate the elegance of the venue and the electricity of your love story into stunning photographs.

1. Emblaze Photography

EMBLAZE Photography is your go-to lens for capturing unforgettable moments at Paradise Banquet Hall. Specializing in weddings and events, they bring high-quality photography services to Toronto and beyond. 

2. Heather Prosser Photography

With a knack for capturing the real essence of your special day, Heather is dedicated to preserving your beautiful moments for a lifetime.

3. Chelsey Cunningham

Chelsey Cunningham, a talented wedding photographer based in Toronto, brings a unique perspective to capturing unforgettable moments at Royal Ashburn Golf Club. With a passion for nurturing, whether it’s her 40+ houseplants or crafting the perfect shot, Chelsey’s attention to detail and creativity shine through in her work.

4. Precious Photography by Courtney Mcintosh 

Courtney Mcintosh of Precious Photography brings a blend of passion for storytelling and a love for adventure to her craft.

5. Q&M Photos 

Q&M Photos, led by Quratulain and Moiz, is a Karachi-born photography duo whose passion for capturing the minutest details sets them apart. With a keen eye for preserving precious moments, they skillfully freeze memories through their lens, ensuring every cherished moment is beautifully immortalized at the Royal Ashburn Golf Club in Toronto.

6. Laurel Leaf Photography 

With nearly a decade of experience, Laurel’s approach is all about creating a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere, ensuring that clients feel comfortable and authentic in front of the camera.

7. Gillian Foster Photography 

With over 15 years of experience, Gillian combines her fine art background with a documentary approach, specializing in wedding and lifestyle photography. Her style is characterized by bright, artistic, and candid imagery, aiming to encapsulate authentic emotions and personalities.

8. Born To Be Photography 

@borntobephotography via Instagram.com 

With a knack for connecting with people, Katie is not just your photographer but your friend throughout your wedding journey. Katie believes in capturing love, soul, and life’s precious moments, ensuring your story is beautifully documented.

9. Ryosuke Rui Photography

@ryosuke_rui via Instagram.com 

Ryosuke Rui Photography specializes in capturing the magic of weddings at Royal Ashburn Golf Club in Toronto. With a passion for freezing emotions in time, Ryosuke’s journey from a small town in Malaysia to Canada has imbued his work with a unique blend of nostalgia and elegance.

10. Lisa Hughes Photography

@lisahughesphoto via instagram.com 

 With over 225 weddings and 350 family sessions under her belt since starting her journey in 2014, Lisa brings expertise and a touch of adventure to every shoot. Her goal? Capturing those fleeting moments while ensuring a fun and seamless experience for her clients.

11. Tejas Easwar Photography 

Tejas, the wedding photographer for Royal Ashburn Golf Club in Toronto, brings a unique blend of empathy and expertise to every shoot. With a deep understanding of couples’ emotional journeys, Tejas ensures that each moment, from the grand to the intimate, is captured with authenticity and finesse.


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