10+ Best Wedding Photographers for the Palais Royale

Toronto’s Palais Royale offers a stunning backdrop for your wedding, blending historic elegance with modern luxury. But to truly preserve those memories, you’ll need a photographer to capture the venue’s grandeur and your love story’s magic. We’ll reveal the 10+ best wedding photographers who’ll turn your Palais Royale celebration into timeless photographs.

1. Emblaze Photography

EMBLAZE Photography is your go-to lens for capturing unforgettable moments at Paradise Banquet Hall. Specializing in weddings and events, they bring high-quality photography services to Toronto and beyond. 

2. Everglow Photography Collective

Everglow Photography Collective, a team of Toronto wedding photographers, specializes in capturing the raw emotions, fleeting moments, and storytelling essence of weddings. They believe in the power of photography to freeze time and evoke the feelings of special moments.

3. Corynn Fowler Photography

Corynn Fowler is a wedding photographer based out of Toronto and Collingwood, known for her candid, relaxed, and timeless approach to capturing moments. With a focus on the joy and excitement of each wedding day, Corynn believes in breaking the mold and capturing what is important to each couple rather than adhering strictly to traditional photography styles.

4. Samantha Ong Photography

Samantha Ong Photography, a husband and wife team, specializes in capturing love stories through timeless photographs. Established in 2013, they found their passion for photography while documenting their own life moments together.

5. Purple Tree Photography

The photographer from Purple Tree Photography is part of a dedicated team committed to ensuring a seamless wedding experience for their clients. With a diverse range of strengths, they have established a balanced system where each member can focus on what they excel at.

6. EC3 Moments

Michele and her husband Warden comprise the talented team behind EC3 Moments, a boutique photography studio based in Toronto. Specializing in wedding and portrait photography, they aim to capture timeless moments that tell the organic and romantic story of each couple’s special day.

7. Corina V Photography

Wedding Photographers for the Palais Royale
@corinavphotography via Instagram.com 

Corina V Photography brings a romantic, fashion-inspired approach to wedding photography. With a lifelong passion for fashion magazines and photography, Corina is drawn to classic, timeless beauty reminiscent of Audrey Hepburn and Parisian elegance.

8. Raph Nogal

Raph Nogal is a seasoned professional photographer based in Toronto, Etobicoke, and the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). She has been serving clients since 2009 and is known for her expertise in capturing memorable moments.

9. Cara Chapman 

Cara Chapman, the wedding photographer for Palais Royale, brings a vibrant and laid-back approach to capturing special moments. A proud Torontonian, Cara’s love for the city shines through her work. You can find her concocting delicious cocktails or belting out lines from The Office when she’s not behind the lens.

10. Carol Wang

Renowned for her ability to capture moments of beauty and emotion, Carol Wang is a Toronto-based photographer with a passion for storytelling through her lens.


Lea-Ann Belter, a seasoned wedding photographer with a background steeped in creativity and craftsmanship, brings a unique perspective to every moment captured at Palais Royale.


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