10+ Best Wedding Photographers for The Symes (Toronto Venue) 

The Symes as the backdrop of your dream wedding? Why not! This wedding venue offers a unique blend of timeless charm and modern amenities. With its meticulously restored red brick walls, exposed ceilings, and distinctive windows, the venue is a captivating canvas for your special day. And to ensure those memories are beautifully preserved, we’ve curated a list of exceptional wedding photographers for The Symes, with distinctive styles and expertise.

1. Emblaze Photography

Wedding Photographers for The Symes
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Emblaze Photography’s work radiates with life and authenticity. Each photo they capture preserves unscripted moments and genuine emotions. Look no further than these wedding photographers for The Symes for timeless elegance and a touch of class.

2. Brandon Scott Photography

For couples seeking adventure and a touch of freedom, Brandon Scott Photography promises a refreshing take on wedding photography. As a husband and wife team, Brandon and Jess bring their laid-back attitude to every shoot, creating genuine and breathtaking images.

3. Sara Monika

Sara Monika’s authentic storytelling approach involves capturing the moments you share with the ones you love most. As Sara preserves the joy, laughter, and raw emotion of your wedding day, she ensures that you can be fully present and enjoy every moment, knowing that your memories are in capable hands.

4. Purple Tree Photography

Want to ensure a seamless wedding experience? Purple Tree Photography offers a balanced team of skilled photographers ready to guide you throughout your special day. Their authentic approach guarantees that your photos reflect the natural beauty of your love story with sincere moments.

5. Jennifer See Studios

Jennifer See Studios is committed to building trust and connection with their clients. From the initial consultation to the final shot, they’ll be there to guide you with professionalism, enthusiasm, and a whole lot of fun.

6. Avangard Photography

At Avangard Photography, storytelling is key. These wedding photographers for The Symes blend photojournalism and fine-art photography to capture authentic moments that will transport you back to your wedding day for years. Also, they’ll work closely with you to ensure your photos reflect your unique style and personality.

7. Jessica Notelo

With a documentary-style approach to photography, Jessica Notelo captures real moments as they happen. She brings a deep love for natural light and human connection to every shoot, capturing your special day with honesty, authenticity, and heart.

8. Rosewood Studios

Rosewood Studios is dedicated to bringing your love story to life through its lens. Do you prefer a structured editorial style or a more candid approach? These wedding photographers for The Symes aim to capture genuine, intimate, and honest moments that reflect the beauty of your relationship.

 9. Liat Aharoni Photography

Liat Aharoni Photography takes a holistic approach to wedding photography, focusing not only on the couple but also on their families and friends. As one of the skilled wedding photographers for The Symes with a highly personalised touch, you can expect vibrant and meaningful images.

10. Alexandra Jakubowska Wedding Photography

Authenticity and creativity are at the heart of Alexandra Jakubowska’s approach to wedding photography. With over a decade of experience, Alexandra strives to capture the beauty of real human connection in every frame. Her work showcases her passion for storytelling and dedication to creating timeless images.

11. Assaf Friedman Photography

Assaf Friedman’s approach to wedding photography is simple: to capture the love and raw emotion shared between two people on one of the happiest days of their lives. He promises your wedding photos to express life and emotion.


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