10+ Best Wedding Photographers Serving Oakville 

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Amidst choosing venues, selecting dresses, and finalizing guest lists, one crucial aspect often stands out as the keeper of cherished memories: wedding photography. In Oakville, Ontario, a picturesque city nestled along Lake Ontario’s shores, couples are fortunate to have a plethora of talented photographers to choose from. We’ve handpicked some of the best wedding photographers serving Oakville.

1. Emblaze Photography

Dedicated to providing timeless and breathtaking photographs, Emblaze Photography strikes the perfect balance between capturing natural moments and curated scenarios. With a keen eye for detail and state-of-the-art equipment, these wedding photographers serving Oakville ensure each image is infused with life. 

2. Christophe Viseux Photography

Specialising in storytelling, Christophe Viseux Photography captures the natural beauty of Oakville while focusing on the unique narrative of your special day. Their documentary-style approach ensures every emotion is authentically preserved.

3. Jenifer Boyce Photography

Do you seek natural, candid, and timeless photographs? Jenifer Boyce Photography is the perfect choice. Eschewing traditional poses, Jenifer opts for prompts that bring out each couple’s unique personalities and relationships.

4. Corina V Photography

With a delicate balance of genuine emotions and editorial elegance, Corina V Photography creates soulful and timeless images. Each photograph tells a meaningful story cherished for generations to come. She’s passionate about capturing meaningful life moments with a dynamic and elegant touch.

5. Joey Ventura Wedding Photographer

Joey Ventura believes in celebrating love in its truest form, authentically capturing both loud and quiet moments. His outdoor-loving spirit and passion for storytelling result in images that resonate with couples on a personal level. He documents every aspect of your special day, from the loud and joyous to the quiet and intimate.

6. Effie Edits

With over a decade of experience and one of the reliable wedding photographers serving Oakville, Effie Edits captures precious moments with finesse and passion. Effie’s dedication to preserving fleeting moments fuels her passion for photography year after year.

7. NM Photography

Mohsin and Navera, a dynamic husband-wife duo, capture the beauty of togetherness and loyalty through heartfelt, raw, and intimate moments. At NM Studio, the team of wedding photographers serving Oakville strive to immortalise couple’s’ miraculous experiences, from the very first glance to the big, bright smiles and tender touches.

8. Darby Mitchell Photography

Darby Mitchell’s adventurous spirit and storytelling prowess shine through her photography. She loves capturing authentic moments and creates images that reflect each couple’s uniqueness. Armed with her open-mindedness and a passion for adventure, she captures moments with a blend of excitement and skill.

9. Babylon Productions

With over 18 years of experience, Babylon Productions is a trusted name in Oakville wedding photography. Offering a wide range of services, including photography, videography, DJ services, and more, Babylon Productions is a one-stop-shop for all your wedding needs. 

10. Nicole Kirk Photography

Nicole Kirk tells love stories for sentimental couples, capturing moments that will last a lifetime. Passionate about documenting events in Oakville and across the GTA, her images reflect the beauty and emotion of each unique love story.

11. Nirmal Pant Photography

Nirmal Pant Photography combines a passion for storytelling with a love for capturing candid moments. The love for storytelling and candid moments of these wedding photographers serving Oakville ensures each image truly reflects your special day.


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