5 Best Elopement Photographers in Toronto

Elopements are intimate and so full of emotion. It fully captures the essence of your union, the core and backbone of this wedding – YOU. Flowers will eventually wilt, the laughter will fade, and the guests will eventually go home. But it’s only the start of your journey together and this is precisely what we’re celebrating

Don’t miss out on preserving this beautiful event. No matter the type of wedding, photography is the most uncomplicated way to have a tangible token of this once in a lifetime occasion. Deciding on having an elopement means you only want the most important people to witness your most special moment. Our 5 best elopement photographers will most definitely be mindful of your space, needs, and give you the best remembrance for your wedding day.

  1. Emblaze Photography

Emblaze Photography

From a group of photographers that absolutely loves weddings – big or small, Emblaze seizes the opportunity to tell unique love stories through their craft. With their passion, you can be rest assured that they will go above and beyond to give you the perfect keepsake for your elopement.

If you love fresh and bright photos, you’ve come to the right place. Their style is classic, light, and fun. They relish unscripted moments and natural beauty and make sure that these moments are not missed. Relive this special day as many times as you want and for as much as you want through images captured by their team.

  1. Daring Wanderer

Daring Wanderer

More than just photography, Jess of Daring wonderer is your dream partner to make your elopement dreams come true. Not only does she capture beautiful moments, her process is a bit different from traditional wedding photography. She believes in that organic and intangible moments make weddings unique and distinct from each other. She concentrates on these rather than posed shots. This day is an important milestone which she understands and treats as an honor to be invited to document it for you.

Daring Wanderer is an amazing choice for couples who are creative and nontraditional. Those who love nature, adventure, and appreciate the quiet moments. Jess doesn’t only capture the story of your wedding, she is able to capture the essence of your relationship, your love. If you want something more out of the box, she is also available to help you with your planning to make it just as you always envisioned it to be.

  1. Marcucci Photography

Marcucci Photography

Personalized photography where you can be yourselves, that’s the Marcucci way. Taking photos that are important to you, images that spark emotion, and having a great experience all throughout is his guarantee. Don’t worry about feeling awkward in front of the camera, with his expertise, you’ll be comfortable all the way. He promises a relaxing environment wherein you can freely do as you please.

The Marcucci experience lets you create these moments together. He understands that each couple has a special story and he’s here to tell yours the best way he can. His photographs are full of emotion so that you can look back on them and feel the same way you did 10, 20, 50, or 60 years from the day these were taken. Need more guidance in getting your elopement together? They have elopement packages to help bring all the necessary details together to make this day as perfect as you want dreamed it to be.

  1. Spring Morris Weddings

Spring Morris Photography

Spring Morris’ photography style is bursting with life, color, honesty, and happiness. She is able to take these moments and raw emotions in order to showcase the beauty of your relationship. Her work behind the camera doesn’t only stop with taking pictures. She makes sure that the magic you feel especially on this day, translates into her photos.

Preserving your story is the essence of her photography. She likens it to stopping time or catching a bolt of lightning in a bottle. It’s magic, it’s your magic and she’s here to make sure you have your dose every time you look back on your elopement photos.

  1. Janice Yi Photography

Janice Yi Photography

The fleeting moments, the little things, the celebration of two people and their love, this is what Janice captures in her photos. She truly loves the commitment and gathering of people to commemorate this occasion.

For her, photos are indeed worth more than a thousand words. It’s storytelling at its finest. Her goal is to capture the real and honest connection between people. Her documentary style of photography is genuine, intimate, and emotional. Janice shoots from the heart and she collects moments. Will you let her collect yours?


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