5 Best Engagement Photographers in Toronto

The actual work in relationships happens after the engagement, but this, of course, is not said with distaste. Coming after that excellent IG-worthy proposal, an elaborate list of to-dos comes next. We bet you know what we’re talking about. Wedding preparations come next and with so many choices in the area with various services and outstanding portfolios flipped, let’s admit that it’s overwhelming, especially if you’re doing this on your own without help.

We hear you, of course! We prepared this list of the five best engagement photographers in Toronto that you and your partner can check out. They have impressive portfolios that anyone would just love. Without much ado, here we go:

5 Best Engagement Photographers in Toronto

1.Emblaze Photography

Emblaze Photography

The photo was taken by Emblaze Photography

Emblaze Photography not only captures photos but instead works on capturing moments. They’re commended for their classy and light shots. To add, they also offer their services to almost anything. Be it weddings, events, and commercial photoshoots. They’re the best option to go with. Working with the environment and chemistry of the couple, it’s not new that their shots are always radiant and natural. Reach out to their team and get an online quotation. Let them be part of your starting your journey as a couple, and we assure you, they won’t disappoint. Just take a look at their portfolio, and you’ll see what we mean.

2.MANGO Studios

MANGO Studios Engagement Photographer

The photo was taken by MANGO Studios

Over twelve years in the business, MANGO Studios have left quite an impression in the photography industry. They have touched the lives of many couples who shared their stories through their exquisite and creative touch on the shots taken by this studio. It’s also worth mentioning how they’ve been consistently acknowledged as one of Toronto’s best photography studios. Their unwavering commitment to provide a remarkable MANGO experience helped them to build relationships and grow their family over time.

3.Purple Tree Wedding Photography

Purple Tree Wedding Photography Engagement

The photo was taken by Purple Tree Wedding Photography

Purple Tree Wedding Photography has a fantastic portfolio, and we couldn’t help but fall in love with each shot. If you don’t believe us, head on to their page and browse through their amazing engagement to actual wedding shots. Not only was it beautiful, but they are able to bring out the couple’s personality and affection through their shots. They are featured in various blogs and publications. If that’s not enough to convince you to work with their fantastic team, I don’t know what will!

4.Piper Studios

Piper Studios Engagement Shots

The photo was taken by Piper Studios

Bring to life your favourite romance films and have Piper Studios help you make this come true. Piper Studios bring engagement photography to the next level by incorporating scenic photoshoot locations and making it work for the two of you. It’s also lovely to net how their packages are affordable with an entire team ensuring your photos are of top quality. To add, they were able to withstand the test of time. They have more than 50 years of experience already as of now and only going stronger. Timeless and sophisticated, they got you and your partner.

5.Focus Photography

Focus Photography Engagement Photos

The photo was taken by Focus Photography

Whatever your hearts’ desire, Focus Photography will help you bring it to reality. Offering comprehensive packages, you can avail of the coverage you prefer and would be comfortable in. They also have extensive photoshoot locations if you and your partner haven’t thought about it yet. In business since 2015, they’ve covered many couples whom they have incorporated their own personality and quirks on the shoot. This helped each client have a unique concept tailor-fitted to them. Check their portfolio out and expect a well-thought-out shoot for you and your partner.

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