5 Best Family Photographers in Toronto

Time goes by so fast and before you know it, your baby will be moving out and your firstborn will be getting married. Family milestones deserve to be preserved in the best way possible. These are moments that you can never get back. Photographs are treasures that serve as beautiful memories that you can look back on forever.

You will find many photographers that offer family sessions but it’s important that you find the perfect fit. Here we have 5 family photographers that truly have a heart for capturing the essential – the love each one has for the other. Don’t let days go by without having keepsakes of the most important people in your life. Book sessions and have the valuable gift of preserving your moments together.

  1. Tied Photo and Film

Tied Photo and Film

For more than 12 years, Kristie and Brenden of Tied Photo and Film have been celebrating relationships and love through their craft. They combine nature, art, and music to create distinct images that fully capture your family’s bond. They love shooting emotion and raw authentic instances.

If you are a fun-loving couple or family that wants a set of photos that reflect your true personality, Tied Photo and Film can do this for you. Their work is tasteful and artistic that is “real” and unscripted. Simply be yourself and they’ll be there behind the lens, shooting memories that you’ll be able to feel once you look at them again.

  1. Ten2Ten Photography

Ten2Ten Photography

Ten2Ten is a highly experienced team of photographers that are dedicated to telling each family’s unique story. They are a respected group in the wedding industry and they carry the same vigor to their family shoots, too. Erika, the owner and one of the photographers, is a recent mom and she knows how precious it is to document the moments you have with your kin.

Their team shoots with purpose so you know that they won’t just snap away. They establish a true connection with their clients in order for every photo to have substance and quality. Watch you and your family grow together through photographs that mean more than you’ll ever know.

  1. Emblaze Photography

Emblaze Photography

Bright, light, fun, and fresh, that’s the Emblaze Photography style that makes them a favorite among their clients. Bring the joy back into photos and have something to smile about when you view them again and again. Their team is passionate about meeting different people and learning about different journeys. They’d love to be part of yours.

If you want a relaxed shoot that shows authenticity through and through, Emblaze can do it for you. Get high-quality and creative images with their skilled eye behind the camera.

  1. Mango Studios

Mango Studios

Another favorite in the wedding scene, Mango Studios has expanded its services to include family photography as well. If you’re familiar with their style, you’d know that they capture real moments and add a warmth that emits joy and emotion.

Family portraits should be just as beautiful as wedding shoots. In the hands of their ultra-talented team, you can celebrate any milestone with them. They will surely be capturing the true essence of your relationship and give you a lasting memoir that you’ll surely adore.

  1. CopperRed Photography

CopperRed Photography

If you want a photographer that loves to capture the connection between family, CopperRed is one you should definitely check out. She loves the real moments, the slight glances, the wrinkled smiles. She makes sure to get shots that will last forever in print and in the heart.

The experience is very real and normal. It’s not so much planned or posed. You can have the shoot in your bedroom or outdoors – it’s about YOU and not the location. Trust her to take images that evoke emotion and those that will bring you back to the moments that truly matter.


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