5 Best Food Photographers in Toronto

When it comes to the food business, appealing photos are essential in enticing customers to purchase the product. Taking photos of food is hinged on making it look crave-able for your audience. Investing in high quality and professional service is important to achieve this. It takes a lot of time and effort to style, edit, and process these photos to accomplish the best results.

Food photographers have a trained eye, creativity, and artistic ability to capture images that you can almost taste. Studies show that people remember pictures better than statements. Use this to your advantage and have professionals take photos that you can use for marketing, websites, menus, cookbooks, and other purposes to move your business forward.

Make a lasting impression and increase your sales with the help of the best food photographers Toronto has to offer.

  1. Dylan Swart  

Dylan Swart
Photo by: www.dylanswart.com

Dylan is a celebrated and award-winning commercial and editorial food photographer. He has worked with different brands and advertising agencies to create photos that evoke emotion with his bold visuals with his artistic way of utilizing lighting to his advantage. He has been featured in over 100 covers of leading magazines and continues to help business owners, starting or established, to grow their brands.

Dylan understands that his generation is hyper-visual and he strives to create striking imagery that elevates and sets his clients apart from the pack. He promises unique and exceptional food photography that is aligned with your vision. His services include food photography for advertising campaigns, editorials, photography for recipe books, websites, and social media, as well as imagery for marketing visuals and brand awareness.

  1. Emblaze Photography

Emblaze Photography
Photo by: Emblaze Photography

From their company name, Emblaze Photography seeks to inspire people to action through their work. When it comes to food, they are invested in collaborating with you and the creative team of food stylists to capture the perspective you need for your brand.

They aspire to create images that make the audience drawn towards the product you’re selling. Their bright and fresh style in photography makes them a favorite because their work is easy on the eyes and memorable.

  1. Paula Wilson Photography

Paula Wilson Photography
Photo by: Paula Wilson Photography

An award-winning commercial photographer with over 15 years of professional experience in shooting food, Paula Wilson is definitely one of the best in the business. Her photos are refined, tasteful, and timeless. She uses colors and creative posing of products to achieve out of the box images for your brand.

Her work ranges from editorials, packaging, advertising, and cookbooks. She has worked with large brands such as McDonald’s, Knorr, and Tim Hortons as well as many of Canada’s finest restaurants and hotels. Whether you are a local brand looking to start your business or a company that needs a push in marketing, Paula’s talent will surely help you accomplish your business goals.

  1. BP Imaging

BP Imaging
Photo by: BP Imaging

John Lynch and John Majorossy of BP Imaging each have over 25 years of photography experience. Their combined expertise, passion, and creativity make every single project unique. BP Imaging is a full-service commercial photography studio that prioritizes client satisfaction among everything else. The creative process is collaborative and your vision is respected. Whatever you need for your shoot like set design and build, prop sourcing, or location finding, they can do it all for you.

They have in-house post-photography digital imaging talent which sets them apart from other studios. Leaving no stone unturned, key points such as budget, time frame, resources, and goals will be discussed for an optimal shoot that yields the best possible photos. They guarantee images with a high-impact on your market using a cost-efficient and creative process.

  1. Suech and Beck

Suech and Beck
Photo by: Suech and Beck

Chris Sue-Chu and Alyssa Wodabek are the great minds behind Suech and Beck. Their food photography is innovative, expressive, and original. Putting the focus solely on the product, they create images that influence your target clientele to action.

They have been featured in magazines and some of their notable clients include Starbucks, Yabu, and Knix. To date, they have provided amazing photographs for 5 cookbooks and have been awarded several times for their work. These are all testament to their craft and artistry.


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