5 Best North York Photography Locations

Looking for photography locations is truly hard work. With so many possible locations in the area, it’s sometimes overwhelming to choose at least one, especially if you haven’t set your mind on a specific concept. We understand how much struggle this brings to the plate. With that, we decided to work on this list to help you in selecting the best possible location for your next photoshoot in North York.

Besides the known establishments in the area, North York is distinct for its heavy Islamic culture references that the place gives off. They are also an abundance of parks and gardens you can easily visit on a good day. Perfect for small solo shoots to grand engagement or wedding shoots, these venues look amazing and, of course, flexible enough.

To no longer stall you, here are the five best North York photography locations to check out:

1.Bellamy Loft

Wedding Photography Toronto

The photo was taken by Emblaze Photography

Indoor shots are never taken as good as if it was taken in Bellamy Loft! You may think we’re exaggerating, but check out their website and see what we mean. They have a spacious venue that is just perfect for whatever you and your partner desire and bring it to life. Suppose that doesn’t sound convincing yet, how about this. Think about a royal theme for your shoot together, or perhaps something exotic and foreign to anywhere in Canada. You can have it! Even winter wonderland in the middle of the summer. Let’s say it’s magical because the venue is!

Reach out to their team and see how accommodating their team is. Pencil a date, and they can even assist you with the decor and other details. The whole project will be as smooth as butter with them.

2.Earl Bales Park 

Earl Bales Park Photography Location

The photo was taken by Rhythm Photography

You can never go wrong with nature. It not only flexibility but also a sense of character and coziness on the shoot. Besides this, it’s worth noting that greens, blues, and browns are good colour contrast to people. Earl Bales Park is a large park located in North York. It is named after Robert Earl Bales, a former Reeve of North York. Besides the lush greeneries, the West Don River runs through it as well.

Best in spring and fall, the colours give off a certain vibe which can add more personality and story to your photos. Try to come a bit earlier, though, as since this is a park, people tend to regularly drop by and perform certain activities or just relax by the river.

  • location: 4169 Bathurst St, North York, ON M3H 3P7

3.Edwards Gardens

Edwards Garden Photography Location in North York

The photo was taken by Natalia Zuk

We must admit, we couldn’t get enough of the fantastic outdoor photoshoot locations in North York. Coming third on this list is Edwards Gardens. Located adjacent to Toronto Botanical Garden, this location remains a crowd favourite for any kind of photoshoot. The garden houses various perennials, wildflowers and other flowers present in the North. Besides this, they have this excessive rockery area by the valley.

Besides the natural sceneries and landscape, the structures in the site also blend in, giving off a mix of nature and modern times all in one place. Fantastic during fall, but this venue is best during spring when flowers are in full bloom.

  • location: 755 Lawrence Ave E, North York, ON M3C 1P2

4.Gibson House Museum

Gibson House Museum Location Shoot

Enough of the outdoor locations. Here is one of the most magical and historically rich places in North York. The Gibson House Museum is a historical museum that showcases and provides insight into the lives of a family who lived here during the 20th Century. A prime example of Georgian living, the place is amazing even from the outside—with its red brick exterior wall contrasted by white columns and front porch details. The best time to visit is during the winter season when the house is lightly covered in snow, giving off a warm and cozy feeling to just anyone.

Inside is a museum, so it’s best to ask for permission first before actually going there for a shoot. Also, to get help from the team who runs the place and be there on off-hours to make the most out of place.

  • location: 5172 Yonge St, North York, ON M2N 5P7

5.Black Creek Pioneer Village

Black Creek Pioneer Village Photography

The photo was taken by Precious Photography

Black Creek Pioneer Village is a go-to place for a photoshoot, and we’re not, even a bit, wondering why. The site is magnificent, offering facilities that depict structures from the early 1860s in Ontario. With historical value as-is, the photos are taken here with a sense of rustic and naturalness in them. Refreshing compared to the usual city-life.

Besides their amenities and structures, they also have extensive activities that can be done in the area. You may go back at another time and enjoy these. For now, the best time for the shoot is early when the location is not too busy. If you’re lucky, you may have it done at the golden hour, especially during fall. The results will be superb.

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