5 Best Locations to Take Winter Engagement Photos in Toronto (Ontario)

Are you perhaps looking for unique locations within Toronto to take that once-in-a-lifetime magical winter shot? We know you want only the best, so we bring you these excellent locations that are dazzling to visit, especially during winter. Bring more warmth into the relationship and withstand the snow. It will be a fantastic memory to look back to years from now.

Filled with snow, it amplifies the beauty of these locations making to so different from their usual look. It’s also worth mentioning that winter doesn’t look the same every year. This is indeed a rare moment to share between a couple. Without making this longer, here’s a rundown of these five best locations to take winter engagement photos in Toronto (Ontario):

1.Bellamy Loft

The photo was taken by Emblaze Photography

Bellamy Loft is perfect if you and your partner prefer not to brave the cold. Take amazing winter shots indoors and without going that far out of Toronto. Besides this, the season is a bit unpredictable, so scheduling for services may be a bit hard if the snow isn’t cooperating. So if you have something specific in mind, why not share it with their team. They are actually amazing and creative. Not only is the venue superb, but they can also assist you with the decor too.

Let their team do their magic, and you won’t even have to lift your finger that much and stress yourself over the weather’s unpredictability. Plus point, it’s also very comfortable and warm indoors most of the time during winter. Who wouldn’t want superb shots done comfortably, right?

2.Knox College  

Knox College Location for Engagement Photos

Fulfill your Hogwarts dreams and visit Knox College during the winter! It’s one of the most popular photography locations in Toronto through any season. Built with gothic style, you’ll easily fall in love with its structures, from beautiful archways, hallways, cathedral-like ceilings to gardens. Another thing to note is they have an impressive grand staircase that is sure to go well with any engagement photo concepts.

Since 1844, Knox College became a part of the University of Toronto. This location is not only famous for photoshoots but also a go-to shooting location for films. Make sure, though, to get a permit before shooting within the premises. To add, weekends and during campus breaks are the perfect time to schedule.

3.Kipling Gallery in Vaughan

Kipling Gallery in Vaughan Venue in Toronto

For artists by heart, Kipling Gallery is a classic and elegant option that will be perfect for the two of you. It’s not too far from Central Toronto as it’s located in Vaughan. The gallery boasts of amazing artworks made not only by local but also international artists. Full of paintings and intricate artifacts, it’s easy to imagine how elegant and stunning your engagement photos taken in here will be.

Though open on weekdays from 9:30 AM to 3:00 PM and by appointment every Saturdays, you can let the team who runs the place know of your intention as well so you can get permission.


Muskoka Photos Location

If you and your partner are willing to brave the cold for another outdoor shoot, Muskoka is a pretty good option. We know this is a popular location during the summer season, and this suggestion might sound a bit absurd but hear us out. The place is impressive during the winter! Perfect for romantic getaways, the hygge in the place is intense. The presence of snow does not feel out of place. It’s actually a new, refreshing experience. It’s also good to avail their packages as well and enjoy a getaway with your partner.

You may find the cottages and trees dusted with snow and immense frozen lake mesmerizing as if a true winter wonderland. To have your engagement photos taken here, you must first acquire a permit from the place, and you’re good to go! Since winter is an off-season, too, you most likely have the place to yourselves.

5.Financial District 

Financial District Engagement Photo Location

If you don’t prefer to go far and feel the city-vibe, Financial District is probably the best location for your winter engagement photos. The snow accentuates the city giving off a breath of fresh air with a bit of magic from the usual city buzz. Surrounded by cozy cafes and stunning building structures, you can explore these too and add a story to the shoot. Explore the streets together like the first time and make the most out of this.

As the heart of the whole of Toronto, the streets are usually pretty busy, but you can work around the timeframe of 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM, where the roads have only fewer people. Another best thing for this location is that you don’t need to get a permit (unless you’re shooting inside an establishment, that’s a different case).

  • location: Financial District, Ontario

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