5 Best Portraits & Headshot Photographers in Toronto

Portrait photography is not simply taking beautiful photos of individuals. You can delineate good photographers when they are able to capture the personality and character of their subjects. It’s more than just aesthetic. It’s substance in the form of an image. These shoots are carefully thought out. Lighting and technique are utilized at the same time, creativity and artistry come in to achieve the shot that best demonstrates who you are.

Whether you need a portrait shot for work, business, family, or personal use, we’ve researched 5 amazing photographers that can get the work done. Make sure you get only the best, check out our curated list below!

Toronto Portraits & Head Shot Photographers

  1. Emblaze Photography

Headshot & Branding Photo Torontoheadshot photographyHeadshot Photographer TorontoHeadshot Photo

Specializing in weddings, portraits, and lifestyle photography, Emblaze is a team you can rely on to capture your winning shot. They work closely with their clients to get to know them so that their portraits are able to reflect their own unique personalities.

Their style is fresh and bright. They skillfully use lighting and angles to get the best shots. Emblaze doesn’t only make you look good, they make sure your distinct characteristic and story is embodied through their photographs. Professional, creative, and always keen on listening to their clients, this team values customer satisfaction above all.

  1. Orchid Photo Studio

Orchid Photo Studio Orchid Photo Studio is not your ordinary photography team. They have 3 stores, a destination base, and 6 service sectors for all your photography needs. Their portraits are artistic, unique, and is characterized by class all throughout. They have a team that includes styling and makeup to help you get the exact look you want for your portrait.

They are a customer-oriented company with a real scenery studio and high-end equipment to ensure that you get only the best service and results. You can choose from in-studio or on-site photography services. With Orchid Studio, you can enjoy premium service and the best quality portraits for any need or requirement.

  1. City Wide Studio Photography

City Wide Photography

Andrew James, the man behind City Wide Studio Photography is a professional headshot and portraiture photographer. His skill allows him to take jaw-dropping portraits regardless if it is done indoor or outdoor. Regardless of the purpose, his expertise includes fashion, professional, or personal profile portraits. You no longer need to worry about posing or looking awkward. He will personally guide you to provide the shots you need.

Stand out from the crowd and get your portraits done by Andrew. You won’t be disappointed. He listens to your needs and works together with you from consultation until completion. Amazing imagery, that’s his goal and that’s what he offers. Be more than satisfied, his work says it all.

  1. Kingstreet Photo Studio

Kingstreet Photo Studio

Kingstreet Photo Studio specializes specifically in headshots and portraits. They provide their clients all they need for incredible-looking photos that look natural and captivating. Whatever you need, they offer. Their services include corporate, business, LinkedIn, actor headshots, fashion photography, and modeling portfolio.

Their studio is open 7 days a week so that they can accommodate you at your most convenient time. You will be guided all throughout and be given tips and tricks along with posing guidance. You will also be given the liberty to check your photos during the shoot. They have express editing options, on-set touch-ups, and professional editing among their many offers and services.

  1. David Chang

David Chang Photography

With more than 15 years of professional headshots and portrait photography, David Chang is definitely a sure go-to for spectacular pictures. Their studio is located at the Distillery District and their services include professional LinkedIn, portfolio, business shots, team headshots, and personal portraits.

They offer unique backgrounds to suit any requirement as well as on-location shoots. You can rest easy knowing the final product is always expertly retouched without looking fake or overdone. Their team will even assist you in wardrobe styling, pose coaching, and expressions. Your best shot ever will be in the hands of the master, David Chang.

  • website: https://www.davidchang.ca/
  • address: David Chang Photography, 15 Case Goods Lane Studio 312, Toronto, ON M5A 3C4, Canada

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