Toronto Newborn Photographer

Being blessed with a new member of the family is a life-changing moment that paves the way for many more years of love and adventure. We understand the intense emotions that come with this special chapter of you and your partner’s lives and want nothing more than to capture this memorable time for you to cherish ten, thirty, or fifty years from now.

Our pool of photographers has accumulated tons of experience throughout their time in the industry. Each of them approaches newborn photography in such a way that the flawless, natural beauty of the infant is emphasized and celebrated.

We love paying extra attention to the details, be it the wrinkles, growing hair, and translucent skin of your baby. You can expect us to provide you with exceptional works of art that greatly captures the innocence of this beautiful moment.

Of course, we also want to commemorate the start of a wonderful and strong relationship. Newborn photography aims to give proper recognition to the joys and upcoming adventures new parents are sure to experience. We would be more than happy to shoot your first family portraits and immortalize the special bond between you and your baby.

Given how fast the first few years, and even months, pass by when it comes to your baby’s growth, we recommend doing the newborn photography shoot sometime during the first ten days of your baby’s life. At this stage, the natural curled up position of your baby while sleeping can be effortlessly captured to created charming, womblike setups.

It is also more ideal to get the shoots done at an early stage because older babies can get quite squirmy, which might make the entire session a tad bit frustrating and stressful for everyone involved.

  • The Photoshoot

Keeping in line with this joyous chapter of your life, we want to make sure that the whole photoshoot experience is an enjoyable and relaxing one.

Our team has worked for years to master the proper balance between capturing natural and created moments. You and your baby’s comfort will be put at the top of the list to ensure that the images do not end up looking stiff or forced.

We understand that not everybody adjusts the same way in front of the camera and will gladly work according to your pace. The photoshoot also includes tons of time allotted for diaper changes, feeding breaks, and, of course, plenty of cuddles.

Our newborn photography sessions are often done at cozy studios but are open to unique setup concepts and ideas.

There is nothing more sweet and wonderful than newborn babies. They bring out an innate sense of joy and goodness in just about anyone. Preserving the delicate and peaceful instants your baby brings will provide you with precious images you can look back on to reminisce and appreciate how much has changed throughout the years.

Making these tender moments last forever is something we are incredibly passionate about and rewards us in extraordinary ways. It would be our honor to witness the start of something incredibly beautiful. We have plenty of ideas in store for your newborn shoot but can work according to your own ideas, styles, or preferences.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with a member of our hospitable team to start discussing how we can be a part of this precious time.