Wedding Content Creator in Toronto (North York)

A wedding is often described as a “whirlwind scenario” because it can be an incredibly fast-paced and emotionally charged event that seems to pass by in a blur. How can you ensure all memories are captured, and you have a timeless and beautiful record of your big day?

Meet Emblaze Photography, your wedding day bestie – aka personal paparazzi. We have the experience, skills, and tools to handle different angles, lighting situations, and editing techniques to create social media-ready photos and images.

So, What Exactly Do We Do 

We create different types of wedding content, including photographs, social media posts, and short videos. This content is designed to entertain and inspire your social media followers and loved ones.

But we don’t stop there. In addition to showcasing the latest wedding trends, we offer invaluable advice and tips for wedding planning. We are committed to sharing real-life wedding stories and inspirations.

Why You Need a Wedding Content Creator

  • You cherish behind-the-scenes moments, especially the candid ones.
  • You’re eager to share highlights from your special day instantly.
  • You want to share more genuine, unfiltered moments from your wedding.
  • You have a supportive social media following who enjoys following your journey.

We Can Assist You in Several Ways 

Candid Photos and Videos 

Your wedding day is a rollercoaster of emotions – excitement, anticipation, joy, and more. We’ll skillfully capture all of these moments, allowing you to relax and enjoy each one.


We know the ins and outs of the wedding industry and how to make your wedding day content suitable to your needs. Our unique creative vision through artistic skills and expert editing techniques can turn your memories into stunning works of art.


Save time as we research and curate only useful and relevant content for you. Also, our quick edits allow you to share your social media content within 24 hours of the wedding. 

Invisible and Unobtrusive 

We blend into the background quietly and busily capturing beautiful, raw moments. We seem like one of your guests, yet we possess the creativity to capture every angle of your wedding.

Keen Eye 

We collaborate closely with your primary photographers and videographers, ensuring that every aspect of your day is thoughtfully documented candidly and creatively.

Our Wedding Content Creation Process 

  • After booking, we’ll meet for a pre-wedding consultation to discuss your content preferences.
  • On your big day, our team arrives early to capture your memories unnoticeably.
  • Within 24 hours, your wedding content will be ready for viewing and sharing in an online album.

Let’s Take Your Big Day to the Next Level 

We can’t wait to hear your love story and discuss how we can help make your wedding day extraordinary. Contact us today at 647-860-7401 or to schedule a consultation or inquire about our services.