Wedding Day Content Creator ∙ Toronto & GTA

Tired of your wedding album looking like a relic from the Stone Age? Say goodbye to dusty photo albums and hello to digital dazzle! Enter Emblaze Photography – where your wedding memories get a modern makeover. Ever had a major facepalm moment when you realized your wedding pics were more “meh” than memorable? We feel you. That’s why our wedding content UGC creators are here to sprinkle some digital fairy dust on your special day. We’re all about turning those once-in-a-lifetime moments into Insta-worthy posts that’ll make your feed pop.

What’s Included?

  • Onsite coverage from getting ready, ceremony to reception
  • Hundreds of iPhone photos & video within 24 hours of your wedding
  • Edited short-form video for Reels/TikTok ready to post the next day
  • Pre-wedding virtual planning to discuss your vision & itinerary

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