10+ Best Wedding Photographers for Madison Greenhouse Banquet

Imagine exchanging vows bathed in the soft glow of fairy lights, surrounded by lush greenery that whispers of tropical getaways. The Madison Greenhouse Banquet and Chapel offer a unique wedding venue unlike any other in Toronto, and to capture this magic, you’ll need a photographer who can turn dreams into reality. We’ve curated a list of the 10+ best wedding photographers for Greenhouse Banquet and Chapel, experts at capturing the essence of this one-of-a-kind year-round paradise.

1. Emblaze Photography

Specializing in weddings and events at Madison Greenhouse Banquet & Chapel in Toronto, EMBLAZE Photography is the go-to lens for capturing unforgettable moments. With a dedication to high-quality photography services, they ensure each moment is beautifully preserved for couples and their guests to cherish forever.

2. Page and Holmes

Page and Holmes, the wedding photographers for Madison Greenhouse Banquet & Chapel in Toronto, have a profound passion for both landscapes and people. Their journey together has spanned over a decade, beginning with a shared interest in photography discovered in the quaint fishing village of Sai Kung near Hong Kong.

3. Astora Studio 

Astora Studio, helmed by Andrew, brings a unique blend of scientific understanding and emotional depth to wedding photography. With a background in physics, Andrew’s fascination with light drew him to the art of capturing human emotion.

4. Sara Monika

Sara Monika is a seasoned wedding photographer with an impressive portfolio of 326 weddings documented over the past 12 years.

5. Jessilyn Wong Photography

Jessilyn Wong Photography specializes in capturing the essence of real-life love stories through wedding photography. With a passion for celebrating the uniqueness of every couple, she strives to create authentic and intimate moments rather than just posed shots.

6. Jacqueline James

Jacqueline James, a hopeless romantic and avid reader, found her passion for photography while living in Montreal in her twenties. Her fascination with light, composition, and styling led her to delve into fashion editorial photography.

7. Katia Taylor Photography 

Katia Taylor, the photographer behind Katia Taylor Photography, brings over two decades of experience capturing the essence of weddings and portraits.

8. Christina Velasco

Cristina Velasco is a talented Toronto photographer who captures weddings, elopements, families, maternity sessions, and newborns.

9. James Paul Correia

James Paul Correia is an award-winning professional passionate about capturing memorable moments. Originally from Toronto, James established his photography business in Montreal, where he honed his craft and gained recognition for his exceptional work.

10. Alastair Macpherson

@alastair_macpherson via Instagram.com 

11. Jacqueline Montesano 

@pinkchampagnephotography via Instagram.com 

With a keen eye for detail and an innate ability to connect with her subjects, Jacqueline creates stunning and authentic images that reflect the essence of each individual or couple she works with.


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