5 Best Wedding Photographers in North York

We firmly believe that weddings are extremely personal. The right decision is whatever you and your partner agree and want to do. Having said that, we also believe that this is going to be one of the most special moments of your life. Whether you opt for an elopement, an intimate celebration, or a grand wedding, we’re sure you’d want to have keepsakes to keep the memory alive through the years.

Wedding photography doesn’t only capture images of your day, it captures emotions and stories. This is a celebration of your love, a most significant stage in your life and it would be wonderful to have images that you can feel and remember. At your wedding, you’ll find yourself busy and overcome with different happenings throughout the day. A great photographer will be able to capture moments that are important to you and those that you probably didn’t even notice.

A good wedding photographer tells stories through pictures. They have their own style and most of all, they make everyone feel comfortable during the shoot. It’s almost like you won’t even feel like they’re there. It may feel overwhelming to look for one that will be a perfect match for you. Don’t worry, we have North York’s 5 best wedding photographers for you to check out on our list below!

  1. Emblaze Photography

Emblaze Photography

The Emblaze Photography team has been covering weddings since they started in the business. Their goal of freezing time through pictures and telling stories through their work is evidently seen in their portfolio. Couples will appreciate their deep passion for taking photos of even the smallest details that make all the difference.

They have a light and fresh style in picture taking and they process their photos to have a timeless undertone. Emblaze seeks not only to take photos, they want to be part of your whole journey.

  1. Captured Pieces Photography

Captured Pieces Photography

Keith Acedera has been in love with photography since he was 8 years old. This love for the craft has manifested in his wedding shoots since 2009. He takes each wedding and narrates in detail what transpired in this special moment through his photographs. With the understanding that this is a once in a lifetime event, he makes sure that memories are preserved for months and many years to come.

Promising to give you real and unscripted emotions, you will be able to relive this wonderful day again and again. His style represents his clients, each has a unique relationship and story. This is exactly what you can expect from his photography – an interpretation of your own storyline.

  1. Diego and Liza

Diego and Liza

Diego and Liza are a husband and wife photography team whose style captures all the candid moments and raw emotions that make each wedding extraordinary. You will find that they use lights, shadows, and different angles to deliver shots that WOW anyone who sees them.

Your wedding is one of a kind and it’s only imperative that you find people who sincerely love taking photos of these unions – Diego and Liza absolutely LOVE weddings. They strive to make the whole process memorable, fun, and stress-free for you and everyone in attendance. Their promise? Amazing photos and an experience that you will never forget. They are more than just your photographers, they will be there to assist in any way possible to make this the most enjoyable and worry-free day of your life.

  1. Ondi Studio

Ondi Studio

Ondi Studio is your professional photography team that promises top-notch service before, during, and after your wedding. They are an experienced group that shoots in different formats, giving your set character and life. With skill and talent, they are able to shoot in color, black and white, film, and digital formats. Once you sit down with them, you can talk to them about your goals and expectations and you’ll be sure that these will come to fruition.

They have a set of service packages that are tailored specifically for this momentous occasion. Each can be customized to fit your budget, too. It’s a personal level of service that offers the best value and experience for your most special day. They offer videography services as well for an all-inclusive deal. Using state of the art equipment and a fly-on-the-wall approach, you can be sure to get a stylish and cinematic remembrance of your wedding day.

  1. ArtVoile Photography

ArtVoile Photography

ArtVoile is a blend of artistry, creativity, and a passion for photography. Capturing images and reflecting individual stories is her lifestyle. Her wedding photography style is putting the focus on YOU. Everything else will revolve around you and your partner only.

With her, you get a photographer and a friend. You’ll find care and sincerity in her process and the way she handles the event. You’ll find that her photos are bursting with life and color. You won’t get cookie-cutter material. As unique as you are, so are your wedding pictures captured through her lens.


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