10 Best Wedding Photographers in Toronto & GTA (Ontario)

Have you perhaps ticked all the checkboxes for the wedding of your dreams except for a photographer? If that’s you right now, you’re in the right place. With hidden gems located everywhere in the city, it’s always inspiring to find one that takes not only amazing shots but also a team that understands photography as something that goes beyond what meets the eye. As follows are ten of the best wedding photographers in Toronto & GTA. At the end of this article, we’re sure you have a photographer already to book for your special day!

Best Wedding Photographers in Toronto & GTA (Ontario)

1.Emblaze Photography

Emblaze Photography Wedding Photographers in Toronto

Emblaze Photography is a premiering full-service photography company in Toronto. Indeed one of the best, you can see the passion and talent in the photos they took – from weddings they covered to almost any project they had the chance to partake in. Anywhere in the Greater Toronto Area, they’ll be happier to accommodate whatever wedding you’re having. Should it be an indoor wedding in a venue or a picturesque outdoor event, the team is always ready to deliver quality shots that will bring you back in time.

2.Mango Studios

Mango Studios

Ran by a couple who are fond of sharing stories over capturing moments, Mango Studios is truly one of the best wedding photographers in Toronto and the whole GTA. A couple themselves, their clients find it easy to build rapport with the duo and express their ideas. Seeing eye to eye on things and more profound understanding with the couple helps them take the best shots that bring out their clients’ personalities and story. Check out their superb gallery and see how amazing this team is.

3.Spring Morris Weddings

Spring Morris Weddings

Spring Morris Weddings is not your typical wedding photographer. They don’t take picture-perfect shots, but instead, they breathtakingly capture moments. The ones left behind the lens and often deemed as typical. They are dedicated to telling stories through their shot and deliberately encourage the guest or just anyone to feel a connection from present time to a fragment of time.

4.Loverly Weddings

Loverly Wedding Photographers in Toronto

Featured on several media in Toronto, Loverly Weddings offer full-service wedding photography services – from the bachelor/bachelorette to preparation and up to the wedding itself. Truly reliable, this company is run by a woman on her own for almost 15 years. Truly remarkable at what she does, you can easily check out her portfolio. Additionally, she is usually doing outdoor wedding events, so if that’s what you have planned, she’s perfect!

5.Sandra-Lee Photography

Sandra-Lee Photography

Another woman in the roster of fantastic wedding photographers in Toronto, Sandra-Lee Photography, offers her services not only for weddings but also for other lifestyle projects. With reasonable rates, she calls it the price of love or investment rather, it’s not hard to see more value over photos. Thinking about it profoundly, she helps you take a snapshot of your life in its most pure form. Preserved with story and emotions.

6.Luminous Weddings

Luminous Wedding Photographers in Toronto

In life, we see these significant moments as luminous, and this wedding photographer understands this. Luminous Weddings is as bright as you can go for wedding photography services. They catered for many couples in the past who are happily satisfied with what the team delivers, even saying they’re the best wedding photographers in Toronto. With a great understanding of the couple and what they have in mind, they are able to amazing pull-off shots that capture each moment in the special day that is great to look back from.

7.Ondi Studio

Ondi Studio Wedding Photgraphers in Toronto & GTA

Promising and delivers top-notch service before, during, and after your wedding, Ondi Studio got you! Their experience over the years helped them be able to take more diverse yet sophisticated shots that range from one form or media to another. Creative and talented, they understand the importance of getting to know the couple first. Besides the already set packages they offer, they’re also open to customize them depending on your needs. Furthermore, they also have a videography service that you can avail of too!

8.By Calin

By Calin Wedding

A joy to work with, By Calin has been a go-to wedding photographer in Toronto. Indeed a skilled photographer, he is very enthusiastic and passionate about each project he takes. Moreover, he makes it to a point to schedule deliberations with his clients to ensure that they are on the same page. Also supportive, he also suggests and provides impressive insights to make it easy for everyone to have superb photos on their special day.

8.Lushana Bale Photography

Lushana Bale Photography

Lushana Bale Photography is an extremely talented photography company. Run by a woman, this wedding photographer is one of the best. She merges the background and other elements, making it work for the couple. Taking this further, she manages to deliver stunning images that not only are picture-perfect but showcase the best for the couple. If it helps, she is also acknowledged and commended by many media and publications.

9.Purple Tree Wedding Photography

Purple Tree Wedding Photography

Get superb photos with Purple Tree Wedding Photography. They aren’t one of the go-to wedding photographers in Toronto for nothing. Famous for the bright-style luminous images, they are crowd-favourite of couples. Moreover, the company’s team is all seasoned in the multimedia industry, ensuring that you get the most out of every dollar spent.

10.Ever After Photographer

Ever After Photographer

Every couple deserves their own happily ever after and before that, of course, the wedding should be superb. Nothing is perfect other than having Ever After Photographers cover your special day. Offering services from before the wedding moving forward to the event of your life, they got it all covered. Should you think they’re a perfect fit? Check out their portfolio and reach out to their team to discuss more.

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